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FYI I'm going to pirate this game


why would you even copyright AND sell this game on capitalist websites? You realise if you still work on the profit motive and you have wage-labour you are still the same as the capitalists, right? What a joke. I saw this game and got excited but I looked into this "co-op" and all you do is act EXACTLY like the capitalists except only your little collective is the one who gains from it. Brown Union.


Are you a real person lmfao??? you gotta be dumb as shit to think that being a leftie means you're not allowed to participate in capitalist society and u gotta sit on your hands LMAO. These are PROLETARIANS in a UNION. you sitting at home typing away while these people made a game to push the leftist message while doing so as ethically as possible. It is IMPOSSIBLE to make a game in today's society without interacting with capitalism. jfc

You do realize whatever we have to do to survive under capitalism, is fair game- it's not the system we designed. We dismantle it by any means we can. That doesn't mean you starve yourself to death getting there.

Where were you when had this along with over 1700 games bundled together for just 5 dollars, back in 2020? 
Stay salty, at the right people, comrade.

Indie sale discount?


Hey guys ! I tried (and almost finished your game) today during a pretty special stream on twitch. Here in France, we are struggling against our government on many front, and taking to the street right now to protect our rights. I streamed the game during a broadcast raising money for unionized people actively engaged in the struggle. Everyone really appreciated the game.

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A communist power fantasy. One that: Costs money.
However, is it any good?
Not gonna lie, it seems interesting, but I'm not spending cash for it.


Selling anti capitalist game for $15. Oh sweet irony...


"communism is when game free"


Hey, just let's play the game. I don't knnow if it's a tankie fantasy, if it have a "simple" "capitalism bad" theme or whatever.

It's a game, let's have fun being rioters in the screen.

(And then, let's be true rioters in the streets :P
Or not,  you are not eforced to do that)


Where can one find instructions to install this on Linux? Specifically Steam Deck/Arch Linux


Can you play as any anarchist factions or is it all MLM/tankie trash?


asking the real questions


haha, I mean it's clearly a wish fulfillment simulator and I have no desire to roleplay my own death at the hands of red fash

radlib when utopianist sabotage




Wouf wouf




i like the game,even tho i just played for a half a hour since its my friend that has the game,overall its interesting,i'm not a guy from the left myself but i liked the game little story


If all games that get made after the revolution are this boring, preachy and janky, I want nothing to do with communism.

I mean for that and other reasons, obviously.


play sharpshooter3d




good game


Allot of you need to do some actual research on allot of different things... Downvote away my friends.


I have never seen one man so dedicated to debating an entire userbase 


Firstly, learn how to spell...


lol, telling us to do research because you are scared to give your own sources?

I'm not scared. Here is a website of some great sources:
Feel free to read some and criticize. Some books recommended for those getting into it are "The Conquest of Bread" and "Mutual Aid" by Petr Kropotkin. If you're feeling kinda spicy, "How Nonviolence Protects the State" by Peter Gelderloos.


dont worry d0x360,those downvotes are 100% alts from like 2 people


game mo daora

Tbh, When I first saw this, I thought of "Red Riot" from MHA/BNHA(My Hero Academia/Boko no Hero academia)

Does this mean this game won't work on Pop_OS?


What makes you think that? I haven't tried it myself, but there is a Linux version, so (theoretically) it should work on Pop!_OS.

Because it's not working lol plus their description seems to indicate it would only work on Ubuntu. However, I'm completely new to Linux, and I'm not even sure how to install the launcher. Out of five or six games from my BLM bundle, I've only managed to get 2 running. I'm a little overwhelmed, to be honest.

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Oh, I see. I'm guessing there might be some issues with your system then, if only a few of the games from the bundle worked. How are you trying to launch the games? From a file manager or the terminal? Do you get any error messages?

EDIT: I just tested it and it works fine for me. Downloaded the zip, extracted it locally in the file manager, and then just double-clicked on TonightWeRiot_Linux.x86_64 to launch the game.

The Itch client can be downloaded from: When you've done that, open your file manager, and double-click on itch-setup to install the client.


Pop!OS is based on Ubuntu so if it works on Ubuntu it should work on Pop

Lots of times, when a game indicates "it'll only run on Ubuntu", it means, "It'll probably run on all linux systems but we only know about Ubuntu and we don't care to test it on anything else, so if it doesn't, that's your issue."

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Nice to see people still replying to this. Well, this is what I've learned so far. The launcher does indeed help, but what I didn't know what that all I had to do was right click on the downloaded app and right click on it, find the permissions tab, and check something like "allow executing file as a program" or something like that. I was able to run the launcher, and it made it easier to download and install games. I don't even need the launcher now, but it's nice to have.

Anyway, I do agree with your point there.  I love Linux now, but it's made for some frustrating moments here and there.


"Capitalism is bad. Buy our game!"


its such a shit game too


i kinda want to buy it now just to see


Selling something is not “capitalism” lmao. Of course people bought and sold things before capitalism existed. Y’all need to read some basic economics and world history books 🤦🏽‍♂️ 

Deleted 1 year ago

you hate capitalism, but you choose to live? checkmate, i am very smart


"You say capitalism is bad yet you make money"
You fucking dipshit


Jesus you are just an angry little dude aren't yah.


1 - I'm a woman

2 - You seem pretty obsessed with me, so here, we can have a little debate if you'd like :) Maria#9991


1 - women can be called dude too madam.  

2 - nah no obsession, I was just bored.  No hard feelings either really.  I will msg you on discord though lol. 


this is just Mr. Gotcha but towards game devs lol

Imagine thinking no one sold anything before the economic system of capitalism


it never ceases to amaze me that some people think buying and selling things was invented by capitalism. Or that this is what capitalism is.

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Un interesante y muy recomendado beat'em up estratégico que satiriza de una forma muy ácida y graciosa la política actual.

Mi review completa:


Um...what? You do realize communism has all of these things you complain about capitalism in this game? China treats its citizens like what you complain about in this game, and they make less wages than Americans do also. Yet you are waving a  flag that looks like a Chinese flag around like what? China's economy has been improving only because they have become more capitalistic. I am not a Capatalist either, I am aware of the struggle american's face against the 1%. What you made here is a cool looking game but I cannot get behind the communist nonsense, maybe if you made it about anarchy it would have been better.


exactly there point of this game is so stupid, "hurr durr capitalism bad communism good"


lol. imagine hating fascism but promoting communism lul.


There is nothing inherently fascist about communism. There is something inherently fascist about a zero sum system where one person thrives so much that thousands of people suffer to make him rich.

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Both Capitalism and Communism are flawed idealogies. While wanting equality of income is an understandable sentiment, there are many flaws of Communism. The word "soviet" refers to "workers council". The communists promoted the idea of work and the idea that everyone should work. The overall result is almost indistinguishable from Capitalism, a society where everyone must work. This "work culture" results in a lot of bs/meme jobs of 0 or less than zero value. Capitalism and Communism are flawed ideologies and obsolete. The ideology of the future is a more rational approach, featuring robots and UBI as part of the structure. Society has had 5000 years to get good while humans have been toiling away using the same stone age social hierarchies and systems. Yet after 5000 years, humans still toil as they once did as ancient primitives. 40% of Americans do not have more than 400 dollars in savings. The system of the past is not effective . There needs to be a new structure, which is not the same as the past. This is accomplished with a robot workforce and UBI income.

There are many flaws of Capitalism. Companies like Roblox exploit their workers, paying them nothing or pennies while they make billions. Humans were raised to accept their socio-economic status, they were raised to only expect being paid in pennies at most. But in this new age, humans are learning not to accept that. We no longer accept that companies like Roblox can make billions while not giving fair wages. But that does not mean all of Capitalism is bad. You need Capital to expand, and to grow, a corporation and business. This is a necessity for technological growth, development, and the evolution of the species. You need Capital to fund growth of cities, better technology, and better medicine. Capital is good, what is bad is when Capital is badly managed, when too much funds go to 0 value or less than zero value work, or when things are designed inefficiently. The idea that everyone must work, comes from an obsolete era, back before robots were invented or before humans had a more solid grasp of things. Ideally, in the future, there would be large UBI so that everyone could have the necessities, with in addition to some spending money. Work should only be work of ones own motivation, not out of necessity to pay bills. There should be massive owner reform, not only with making home costs more affordable, but also equipping fleets of autonomous lawncare machines and robotic maids. The economy should be like a smooth engine, you should be able to get by at idle RPM of 1000, but if you choose to work, get 7000 or even 8000, perhaps even over 9000. That being said, I don't wish to end this paragraph on a humourous note,  because these are very serious concerns, and living for 20 years at the bottom, often with dirt being kicked in your mouth, while others live in the lap of luxury, is not something people should have to deal with. Rather, we should ALL be living in the lap of luxury.

Absolutely required videos to watch.

Video of Roblox:

Video of bs jobs:




the system you suggest is still capitalism
and it is also flawed what will prevent capitalists from raising the prices to adjust to the extra money you receive?


China is state capitalism



Deleted 1 year ago

State capitalism is called Socialism and china is a communist country run by a dictator.

Capitalism is the open market.  End of story.  There is no open market in a communist society.  Downvote me all you want it won't change that fact.

Deleted 1 year ago
Deleted 2 years ago

so you dont know what is capitalism then

Deleted 1 year ago

Wow... Tell that to the people who live there or better yet to all the Muslims in concentration camps that they also sell as slaves.

Oh and tell India too.  It should give them some relief to find out china is no longer communist.

Deleted 1 year ago

Hi, I'm having controller issues too. I'm using an Ipega PG-9025, which is on the supported list, but it only works until the main menu appears, then it stops to give any input. Any idea on how to solve this? Thanks


bad ass game!

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The game recognize my joypad (the tutorial show instruction for controller) but can't get any input.
I'm on a Macbook with Nintendo Switch pro Controller.


This game was  a blast! I was invested in both the story and figuring out how to best use the items I had. The levels are super replayable which is great because you get bonus items for having lots of workers survive. The more workers you have the stronger you are, and it's empowering to see a dozen taking out a tank quickly (compared to when I'm down to just one worker and need to be a stealth assassin). 

One thing I'm curious about though is that in the Data folder there's levels 0-25, but the game seemed to end after 21 levels. I'm curious if there's hidden levels I haven't unlocked, or if those extra five levels are for the endless mode. If anyone knows, could you please tell me? Thanks!


This game is amazing. First off, THE MUSIC IS F$%KIN' AMAZING. I would so get the OST.

Second off, the mechanics are really clever. Bricks are a great example of this. Everytime you have the crowd throw a brick, some members that are close enough throws one while it only depletes one. If you get a large crowd and have a lot of bricks, the group works as one large machine gun.

Last of all, the theming and general feel is AMAZING. It is terrifying that this could actually happen, yes, but it feels like you are leading a revolution. Plus, while the headlines sound like stuff that sort of newspaper would say, it also tells you new mechanics for the level, area, or rest of the game.

This shit's amazing, yo.

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You have your politics wrong.  The media is controlled by left and so is big tech and they are both doing everything they can to change the election.  It's not some conglomerate of corporations like we thought it would be.

Just look at twitter and Facebook.  Who cares right?  Well I do because that's where people get news and most of the crap posted is fake regardless of what side of the aisle it's about.  Then the mainstream media whose owned by literally just a few people instead of the thousands of sources we used to have.


bro shut the fuck up

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hmm lemme think about this.... 


Sorry if your views don't mesh with mine.  Not that you actually know what my views are.


Your views clearly don't mesh with basic human decency


what?  Saying the media and big tech is politically left means my views don't mesh with basic decency....right bud, whatever you say lol.

I'm center left... You must be FAR left also known as insane just like the far right.


Peak enlightened centrist b/s is when someone says a billion dollar tech industry with billionaire CEOs is far left lmfao

Deleted 1 year ago
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That's what I said and I got a shit ton of downvotes.  Of course I expected as much considering the audience.


this is not what you said lol

Deleted 1 year ago

This is nothing close to what you said lol


bro shut the fuck up


Bro... No.  I haven't said anything that's factually wrong or offensive.  Thanks.


bro shut the fuck up


"the media is controlled by the left and so is big tech"

you friggin maroon


very uh... topical haha


I've been slowly chipping away at the bundle and making videos and I gotta say, this one just gives me chills, I felt horror more terrifying than something like slenderman, this could actually happen at any point, a bunch of normal every day people with bricks and household items going up against armored trucks and getting gunned down by the hundreds.

maybe its the atmosphere of our political climate and how close to home it is, I would hope the human race never devolves to this, but the thought is actually bothering me to the core

Great game though I'm having lots of fun and the soundtrack is on-point.


That 2,000 x 1,000 2mb banner seems a bit excessive.. 👀


Its Mario bros but communism.


Great game! Just wanted to suggest one tiny thing: perhaps you could generate the workers' skin color on a predefined RGB slider or something? It just seems weird to me that there are only black and white people. Also I see someone says they can't get it to work on Mac but it's fine for me.

very cool art style. I cannot get it to work on Mac, though

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Certain Mac users have had trouble with the Itch version of the game. Sorry about that.

For some it was just the executable permission bit was lost when the game was originally packaged, but we fixed that and reuploaded the game back on June 8th. 

For others it's an issue with some of the later versions of MacOS Gatekeeper. There's a semi-complicated way of setting  Gatekeeper to allow apps from anywhere to run, but that's arguably a security risk, and for a couple Mac users it didn't work. 

The one thing that has always worked for any Mac user with an problem has been downloading the game from a non-Itch source (i.e. Steam or GOG). Please email, preferably with the email account tied to your Itch account, and we'll send you a key for one of those right away if that interests you. 

Sorry again it didn't work right off the bat. 


Solidarity fellow workers!


Great game but alas I cannot play with my gamepads :

- Saitek P480 Rumble Pad

- Dragonrise Inc. PC Twin Shock Gamepad

Tested under Win10 and Ubuntu 18.04.

Any idea how to make it work ?

Thanks !


Sorry about that. 

Both of the controllers you mentioned require SDL2 libraries to work. The 6 or so controllers we've tested with so far didn't require those, so while we're tweaking other things about the game in the coming two weeks, we'll grab a controller that also requires SDL2 to work and see if we can trouble shoot it. Assuming it's an SDL2 problem and we fix it, then the Saitek P480 should work on Windows but not Ubuntu, and the Dragonrise should probably work on Ubuntu but not Windows.  We'll reply to this comment again to let you know if we find anything out.


Thanks a lot !

I'm surprised about Saitek/Dragonrise - Win/Ubuntu compatibility : usually I'm able to use both gamepads on both OS.


It was pretty surprising, but that's what the external library we used to assist with controller support says: (In the chart near the bottom that says "SDL2 Gamepad Support"). It might be that other games are using more robust libraries for controller support. 

For now we are still looking into it, and we'll let you know if we find something out. Sorry again those controllers didn't work with the game right off the bat. 

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I had the same problem with my logitech precision, but I've FIXED IT. I've used a "Xbox 360 Controller Emulator" ( For this game, just download  the version for 64-bit games, then put it right into the game folder, start this app and follow the instructions and maybe do some settings, if necessary. It should work - the game will think, that you have a supported controller.

Please provide details on how you got it to work! I have the exact same controller. I was able to use that app to get TWR to recognize the controller, but I can't figure out the mapping. Can you post yours publicly somewhere please?

You need something xinput.  A 360 controller or xb1 will do.  Even generic ones.

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